Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Alea iacta est.

A few days ago, I worked up the nerve to open an iPod Shuffle (that had been) in perfect working order, in hopes of making .. uh, kustom konfigurations based on informed opinion and a good bit of theory. Last night I gave up on ever reviving it again. Beware the Ides of March. The price of an education can sometimes be quite dear.

I wonder if praeter-hackers like Charles W. Scott ever ran into similar setbacks whilst blazing a trail across the Great Basin?

Many people today wish consumer electronics were intentionally manufactured to encourage tinkering and unforeseen after-markets. Componentized innards, folkart exteriors, spaces for innovation to emerge from the great non-payrolled masses.

Experience shows this strategy succeeds like none other, insofar as brand loyalty goes, spanning generations and bridging cultural divides.

Friday, March 10, 2006

hearing from strangers

A friend of mine was a realtor for awhile in the 1990s. Seeing the end of that business coming fast, he has long since moved on. I can still recall this funny greeting on his business cell though:

Hi. I'm in at the moment. But if you would like to
leave a message, I'll return your call when I'm out.

Ha! Sometimes we'd call and just laugh into the phone. He kept the answering machine in the trunk of his car. What a nut case, I can remember thinking ...

My, how times have changed. We have been using Skype at home for 2+ years now - no biggie - I still can't get the wife to agree to total abandonment of the old Bell system. (I'll save that rant for another day). However, for the last few months I've been playing with SAM and Kish and now, dear friends, big changes really are afoot.

Have you experimented with these things yet? Virtual voice mail is free and easy to setup, ripping yet another giant tear in the space-time continuum. Outrageously useful and fun.

But is it secure? Probably not perfect yet, but much good work is being done. That's what got me started on this investigation in the first place. This week I'm playing with VOMIT. Did I just say that? I'll let you know what comes up ... er, so to speak.

Thursday, March 02, 2006

My lips move, but you can't hear what I'm saying

Starting this afternoon, all the IT leadership of my company meets to hear key messages for the year and network. I won't have any problem hearing the messages, but the networking piece will be a challenge since I have laryngitis. Although I wouldn't say my throat is "comfortably numb," at least it doesn't hurt. I just can't talk, which many that know me will undoubtedly find humorous.

As big a proponent as I am of collaborative technologies that help span geographic distances between people, in my view they are adjuncts to physical interaction, not a replacement for it. We'll see how well I can take advantage of this opportunity with my current physical limitation. Networking with laryngitis is like walking on a sprained ankle.