Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Joel disses Missouri

An otherwise interesting post about how Fog Creek hires its interns is ruined when Joel disses Missouri:
We did get a lot more good applications. Really good applications. Not just kids from Indiana. Students from all over. Illinois. Missouri. Well, OK, maybe not Missouri. Missouri is crazy talk.
Come on, Joel. Kansas would be crazy talk. Well, at least he didn't pick on Alabama.

Wednesday, February 08, 2006


Have you seen Syriana yet? It's not the new "Z" or anything, but pretty darn good. Better than I expected out of Hollywood, that's for certain. Baer's memoir was (understandably) thin in the areas where curiosity is greatest, so I guess one can forgive a few clich├ęs and product placements allowed in as commercial filler.

The art-imitating-life thing is quite forceful in this movie. And there's a single brief scene (all of 4 seconds?) which established the whole story as serious and realistic for me. It takes place in the kitchen of the character portrayed by Jeffrey Wright, when the actor playing his father tries to make sense of a wall-sized diagram he is constructing.

Comprehend what's going on there, and you'll have grasped the essence of what makes Intelligence work so difficult, and so valuable when done right. (Oh yeah, Mr. T., if you're still dropping by here, that mysterious figure I was first telling you about between dishes of Massaman, and then over coffee at The White House, is Mark Lombardi.)

This film put me in a mind to blog a lot of provocative comparisons I have drawn between Art History & High Tech. You will please indulge me if I harp on that theme several more times this year?

Wednesday, February 01, 2006


... makes a man think things over