Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Great Expectations

Hello again. I've been dormant in this space for a lo-o-o-ng time. Not a premeditated decision, to go AWOL, but there's an explanation of sorts.

Some close associates (though we've never met) sent me the good book
(no, not that Good Book, this one)
at summer's end, and it has honestly changed the course of my life.

Initially, I was surprised and, in fact, quite disappointed. A heavy box comes insured 1st class to my door - totally unexpectedly - from a far off corner of the globe. What could it be? Egads, an impenetrable textbook ... yawn. Not my idea of a joke.

So, I connected the dots and sent out feelers to those I felt were likely suspects. My "benefactors" readily admitted their complicity and explained that some of the problems which I had posed to them were not unique at all. Only the language was different from the original - symbolic logic, pure mathematics. And that many have sought solutions to them, certain cases for decades and centuries, before any applied uses could be anticipated.

Motives varied, of course. As you might imagine, beauty and truth were key instigators; money altogether another. VAST sums, too; not the trifles offered by academia.

It has taken me months just to track down the resources and mentoring I needed to even begin getting up to snuff. Something had to give in that interval, and what it was was you, dear friends.

Anyway, my extended blogging hiatus may be over. Lots of interesting new things I'd like to present here (or somewhere), but it's getting harder to always cast my interests into a collaboration mold. Maybe Eric will loosen up this charter, now that he has embarked on some new pathways himself.

Happy New Year everybody !


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