Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Combining work and personal calendars

For at least a year and half, my co-worker Olin has been bemoaning the state of calendaring. It is just way too difficult to do something that should be very simple -- coordinating work and family calendars. Recently, this topic has been discussed by some significant players, so maybe we will finally get some relief.

I'm a bit concerned that people working on this problem are trying to do to much. I believe that the needs of most people could be met with a relatively simple approach. The family calendar is the master calendar. Each person manages their own work calendar, which gets replicated to the family calendar. Don't be finicky. Just dump the whole thing in there.

So where does this master calendar reside? Certainly your typical geek could host his or her family's master calendar, but Steve Gillmor has the right idea:
Please please please Google ship the damn calendar app.

Google's competitors are welcome to get off the dime also.


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