Tuesday, December 06, 2005

The tyranny of numbers

I am way behind in reading my feeds, and it's become apparent that some of it is due to the tyranny of numbers. How so? Simply put, a big number of unread posts is intimidating. Clicking on that link in Bloglines marks them all unread by default, and then I'm committed to reading them. My preference is to follow up on items of interest immediately, including embedded links. That's why the "river of news" approach, using "keep new" to mark items for follow up has never appealed to me.

This puts me in the strange place of reading less frequently updated or less in-depth bloggers more frequently than some of my favorites, especially when I don't have much time. In order to keep up, I need a change in ways. Why? Read all the good stuff Jon's posted in the last month or so.


Anonymous Zach said...

I'm glad you mentioned this -- I've had exactly the same experience. It is particularly ugly when using Bloglines. I was afraid that by clicking on a blog I would have to read the last 20 posts in case I missed some nugget of wisdom. I recently moved over to Google reader for my blogs and that has helped. It sorts by recency rather than by source.

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