Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Absolute power?

Cringely provides some interesting speculation about what Google is up to. Meanwhile, Liz discusses Google and anonymity, referencing Milly's anonymizing bookmarklet. I really like Milly's comment on Liz's post:
FWIW, as the de facto repository of too much of our information, I trust Google more than, say, the Yahoo/Kelkoo/Flickr/Overture/etc or Amazon/A9/Alexa/etc or MSN/Hotmail/MS/etc or eBay/Paypal/Skype/etc octopi (partly as evidenced by their past abuses and attitudes). But being the best of a bad bunch isn't itself a very high standard (nor is "don't be evil", it seems to me). And who knows what tomorrow will bring ...


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