Tuesday, August 16, 2005

More feed foolishness

I've ranted about InfoWorld's feeds before, but now it is time to rant again. Then I said:
I do appreciate getting full text on the columnists feed, since I don't have to click open a jillion tabs to read them. There, I'll put up with the ads because it provides an overall better experience.
Well, not anymore. I end up seeing the same columns over and over again in my aggregator because InfoWorld marks them as updated. Has anything of substance changed? No. These are the columns published in the print edition, after all. The only things that may have changed are the ads and the "see also" links. Newsflash: no one who's read the columns cares if the "see also" links change. I won't even address the ridiculous possibility of these updates being caused by ad changes.

I'm amazed that InfoWorld can't get this right.


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