Monday, August 08, 2005

The Contributory Web

Tim Bray is absolutely right. Web 2.0 is nothing other than "vacuous marketing hype." Tim O'Reilly naturally disagrees, since he foisted this term on the world, but his arguments aren't very convincing. Trying to break a continuously evolving web into discreet chunks is just silly.

If it really is an attitude, not a technology, then it really needs a clear definition and a descriptive name. I like the Contributory Web: everybody contributes and builds off each others' contributions while expecting and encouraging others to do the same. Those contributions may be facts, opinions, code or whatever. It's a web designed for reuse and remix.


Blogger Guy said...

The aim of science, not surprisingly.

As for the dueling Tims, man, I could sit back and watch those two go at it for days. I think O'Reilly actually holds the upper hand, but Bray is way funnier.

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