Monday, August 29, 2005

Child’s Play

Time was, not so long ago, my kids would walk the dogs down to the park. Daily, all eight of ‘em. Grabbing four or five energy beads along the way. Tra-la-la ..

But they grow up fast and Mornin' Walk is now all but forgotten: “bo-ring.” We never go back to something after that word has been uttered. Children have the ability to spot tedium a mile away.

Our eldest is absorbed with Su Doku in idle moments lately. (I readily admit to becoming enthralled with these myself.) When I ask her, what makes working on them so enjoyable, the response comes straight back, “it’s relaxing.”

Good answer. In a way, it actually clears your head, maybe by stretching logic muscles that don’t otherwise get used often enough. When will the electronic gaming industry start releasing similarly mature products?


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