Thursday, August 04, 2005

Blogging women

There's a lot of good discussion about BlogHer out there. I used Liz's post as my jumping off point. This discussion is important to anyone pondering corporate blogging, because your efforts aren't likely to be very successful if half your workforce feels marginalized out of the box.

I find the discussion of weak links v. strong links to be very interesting. danah's summary is good:
The gender difference concerns the style of networking. Men are more likely to gather many weak ties; women tend to work hard to maintain strong ties. Each have their value. But when it comes to technology like Technorati, there is a validation of weak ties over strong ties. Or more actually, there's an assumption that all ties are created equal, which inadvertently validates the weak ties over the strong ties.
My question is, how much more valuable are strong ties than weak ties, given the strength of weak ties?

How do style differences matter, especially within a particular corporate culture? What's the "right mix" of professional and personal info in your corporate environment, and how does that affect men and women in your organization?

One negative from my exploration was the odd bit of man bashing here and there. C'mon now, we aren't all preening peacocks, and "unconferences" aren't the sole domain of women.


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