Monday, July 25, 2005


I was stopped short by this proclamation, which breathlessly described iTunes as the new center of our computing universe.

Because on a large corporate network near and dear to my heart, the number one 'non-standard' protocol in use today is iTunes. Last December it was not even a blip. Start of a new year and zzooom, making for zenith. Does it rival http/https for bandwidth consumption? No, not close yet, but dang the trend is strong! I believe we'll discover soon that my world is a microcosm of the greater WWW. So what's going on here? Several developments I see as noteworthy:

  • DVDs may be the next format pitched into history's dustbin; "records" of everything demand a platform allowing for far greater plasticity

  • Walking in, all manner of consumer tech today serves business too, no geeks required for operation and integration

  • Economy (measured less often in dollars, more by ergonomics of the hand, ear or eye, and by spatial and social considerations)

  • Beyond (beyond the PC, beyond mostly static networks, beyond simple search, next generation browsers are coming soon)

Well, Ptolemy, a re-ordering of the cosmos then? Nah ..

But has a powerful new quasar formed? No doubt about it.


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