Wednesday, June 15, 2005


Having a great summer so far? Hope so.

I've re-committed to trimming my waistline, and the stack of publications piled high in my home office. Began regularly doing laps again in May, and hit the books last weekend - first with Slack, by Tom DeMarco. Strongly encouraged, folks! (exercise, and the book, and its theses)

Happily, I'm employed by an enlightened company with superior management. (Is it sucking up if no one by that name reads this?) Anyway, it's OK for me to deviate from my routine 10 hour workday, and come in an hour late occasionally, having kicked off the morning with a half-mile swim. Totally invigorating.

DeMarco's insights have also put me in fine fettle. While I do have a better book to review on the subject of Risk (watch this space), I cannot praise highly enough his deconstruction of the measures of departmental "effectiveness", and hilarious exposition on the dangers of blind faith in calendars and lists.

Time out is not necessarily time off or ill spent.

Don't be fooled by the jacket; Slack is not a counter-culture manifesto. I would consider passing my copy on to our CFO. But he hoovers up biz books, too, and has probably already been here, done this.


Blogger Eric said...

Wow. I just finished the "counter culture manifesto." Interesting, but just wee bit short on relevant details of how all this would actually work. Are we to barter for everything?

The author also blatantly ignores that the vaunted thinkers of the past were able to do what they did because they had slaves to do the grunt work. Rather convenient.

The idealization of hunter-gatherer societies bears closer examination also. Do all those who make clothes or cook or hunt want to do these things? The number of humans on earth didn't really expand until the start of the agricultural revolution. I doubt the earth can support 6 billion hunter-gatherers, so who dies?

That said, the manifesto does succeed in making Slac look rather moderate, which is good, since at first glance its message seems to be right on.

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