Wednesday, April 20, 2005

LibraryLookup revisited

Shortly after I mused about customizing Jon's new Greasemonkey version of LibraryLookup for select libraries in the JCLC, my coworker Brad provided me with one. Apparently, the LazyWeb sometimes works even when you don't explicitly invoke it. Boo-ya!

Some background is in order. All of the municipal libraries in Jefferson County participate in the Jefferson County Library Cooperative, or JCLC for short. The cooperative appears to its patrons as one big library with 41 branches. I never go to many of these libraries, so I really don't care if they have a book that I'm looking at on Amazon. I need to filter on the most convenient libraries for me.

I spent some time looking through the code and reading parts of JavaScript: The Complete Reference, Second Edition on Books24x7. I found both the book and the service to be quite useful. I then made some modifications of my own to the code, changing and reordering the branches.

Ari took a different approach, leveraging a search and replace and a quick study of the JCLC site to make his own straight-forward customization.

I'll be glad to share with any JCLC patrons or other interested parties. Leave me a message in the comments.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

That script is my favorite to date. I would like to see the code and an explanation of the changes required. Either as a post or email.


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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Please email the Jefferson County Library greasemonkey script to I'm a patron and web developer. I'd like to check it out. Thanks!

8:37 PM  
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