Wednesday, March 02, 2005

Attention and Trust are Sacrosanct

I was riffling through some 3 yr old email today in search of a lost bit of perspective, and unexpectedly came across this old hyperlink, which against all odds still works. There are many great affirmations and quotes in the article, but in short:

#1: The User Is in Charge
Your greatest ROI is a prolific employee or partner.
Period. Control your urge to control even creativity.

#2: The World Is Our R&D Lab
The power of hobbyists/open source.
No more inside/outside dichotomies.
Make, or re-make, and it must work,
across most imaginable combinations.

#3: Failures Are Good.
Good Failures Are Better.

Improvise! Make quantum leaps.
Systems need ductility. Fashion (n.,v.)

#4: Great People Can Manage Themselves
Reed's Law trumps headhunters every time.
Peer review. Heterogeneity of thought.

#5: If Users Come, So Will the Money
Brands differentiate - markets decide.


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