Sunday, March 06, 2005

About the weather

While there's been a lot of sniping about Google's Autolink, it's completely irrelevant. The age of the Google toolbar has come and gone. Today, dealing with "toolbar spam" from warring toolbars is nightmarish. The answer, of course, is Firefox. Who needs a toolbar when you have Firefox? I only use IE when I absolutely have to, and then only for the page in question. Why Google would waste goodwill attempting to recreate the discredited SmartTags is the real mystery here. Yes, there are key differences which make Autolink better than SmartTags, but the association was inevitable and poisonous.

I'd much rather talk about the weather. Google's new weather feature may not be an earthshaking new development, but as Phil Ringnalda points out, it sucks less then the alternatives. I guess I'd feel sorrier for the weather sites if they weren't all user hostile. Google takes a simple phrase and gives you the weather information you need right at the top of the screen. That doesn't happen on any weather site. Google Maps does the same thing. Pop in a simple query, and it gives directions. It's a lot simpler to type "Birmingham to Pensacola" and press enter than to jump through hoops at Mapquest.

Simplicity is good. As long as Google has superior services and no way to lock you in, the borg comparisons are nonsense.


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