Thursday, January 06, 2005

Heckle and Jeckle

Remember those two? I grew up watching cartoons, and sometimes seriously wonder if exposure at a tender age didn't permanently affect my personality.

To wit: Eric and I regularly give and take like magpies, ranging over ALL subjects. Oftimes the fervor of our conversation takes on comic proportions. Lest our most recent mock battle (over Marqui) get lost in commentsville, I am posting anew in response to its immediate predecessor.


Check out Marqui's terms and conditions:

"We wish to receive feedback based on the traffic we see from your site and to accomplish that we may use special tags that better identify the sources of traffic."

How many weeks (days?) before we start seeing spoofulated Mar-Key images everywhere, with satiric text accompaniment, to send up the disingenuity of these sorts of relationships?

Hilarity abounds!

Old School Marketing does not work on the net. But extortion does, and so I'll be paying Eric $725 per month to NOT post my word-bubbled visage on Collabutech.

Cue the musical outro...


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