Thursday, December 09, 2004

ETS: Work goes mobile

This keynote is being given by Petteri Bergius of Nokia. He's not a very dynamic speaker.

There are a couple different models for enterprise mobility. One is a single solution that fits all, featuring mostly office related connectivity, office apps, etc.

Nokia's view is broader. Supports several solution providers, different back office systems and multiple device platforms. Choice is powerful. He then talked about the N-Gage, which is a dedicated gaming device. The phone is the most criticized part of it, ironically. How do you leverage this sort of device or technology in the corporate space? Petteri asked it, but he didn't answer it.

Nokia has created developer platforms with a just a few development targets to deal with an array of devices, which minimizes the impact of the diversity.

Petteri had a pretty cool example using DHL. A digital pen connected via Bluetooth to a mobile phone which connected via GPRS/EDGE to backend systems. Saved 20 minutes/day/driver, needed two fewer back office folks, and had delivery information immediately available to customers.

When asked about presence in phones, he said that most phones have SIP and presence capability, but that the carriers don't use it. Nokia is looking at IP in non-carrier networks such as WiFi. It works, but the issue is seamless transfer between WiFi and wireless. Olin and I also speculate that Nokia has no interest in hacking off the carriers, their biggest customers.

There really wasn't much new here. Kinda disappointing.


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