Friday, December 10, 2004

ETS: Innovative communications technology technovista

Elizabeth Harrell of Forrester hosted. She separated presence (can track you) from availability (control access). Delayed communication yields lost revenue, and a lot of rehash of stuff that is in our collaboration strategy. Connectivity is old hat. It's about devices. The point is human connections.

Citrix GoToMeeting - This was a very impressive demo. Dead simple to use, tied to IM and Outlook, a free audio conferencing bridge, and end to end encryption. And a very creative demonstration to boot. We'll be adding them to our web conferencing RFP. They use a named user model, but only the host has to be a named user. I=3.4, B=4.2, P=4.5

Humanizing Technology - I really didn't get the point of this from the demo. It kind of looked like a news portal. Search results looked clustered by subject, so maybe there were some semantics going on under the hood. I=1.8, B=2.2, P=2.0

InterTel - unified communicator. In a nutshell, send all your calls to whatever device you choose, wherever you are. All you need to handout is a single number. You can automatically screen calls by caller ID and send to voice mail or disconnect (the presenter called it the "ex-husband feature"). You get a log of all calls, and can automatically call when someone gets back into the office, i.e. "camp on" on steroids. I=3.2, B=3.9, P=3.5

Kaidara - markets itself as a KM company dealing with corporate memory. Demo related to issues with a $75,000 Toro precision lawn mower with 1/100th of an inch tolerance. Who knew such a thing existed? I guess it's obvious I don't golf. The product did semantic matching of a free text query to an answer tree. Pretty cool. It's supposed to be designed for easy authoring and maintenance, but I'm not sure I'm buying his numbers. I=3.3, B=3.8, P=3.1

Notiva -- inter-enterprise collaboration looking to fill the ERP gap by synchronizing cross company transactions. The product provides a view into disputed transactions. You can look at bad data and get the right data. This could be useful for us. I=3.1, B=3.5, P=3.0

Panel: Working together is too complex today. Boeing applies the Mom test, which sounds a lot like Aunt Tillie. Someone asked the inevitable multiple identity question: what if I want more than one identity? Elizabeth reiterated one device, one identity. I don't see it that way. Why not multiple identities that map to your one device?

Erica Rugullies of Forrester headed the panel, and I submitted a question about how all of these point solutions from small vendors fit into the collaboration platform idea that she has been pushing. My thought was maybe that model wasn't all it was cracked up to be. Erica turned it around, and asked the vendors how they fit into collaboration platforms. This resulted in much squirming up on the stage. A typical answer was we're not worried about platform; we work with anything; all you need is a browser. Some had trouble with this one, though.


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here's this concept of "bad data" again ... a pet peeve of mine

i see multiple identities (per user) as being a non-negotiable

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