Thursday, December 09, 2004

ETS: Customer and product integration technovista

This technovista was simply not very applicable to us. A lot of the issues in this space are the same old same old data integration issues that you'd find anywhere - lack of authoritative sources, who owns the data, what sharing guidelines, etc. The whole time I was thinking about GIS.

Full Tilt Systems -- product info mgt -- bad data is the root of all evil. Good quote, but the rest was unimpressive. I=2.2, B=3, P=1.9

i2 Technologies -- supply chain velocity -- dynamic business reconfiguration -- retail replenishment example. I=2.9, B=3.2, P=2.9

n-Tara -- a configurator. I=3.8, B=3.9, P=4.3

Panel: rise of the data czars


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