Wednesday, December 08, 2004

Blogging Forrester's ETS

I am at Forrester's Emerging Technology Showcase this week, and I'll be blogging my trip report in near real time. Dan Mahoney is doing the welcome now, covering macro trends. Eight year cycles of innovation and growth followed by refinement and digestion. We are in refinement and digestion phase now.

There will be five key evolutions:
  • innovation
  • next generation IT architecture
  • next generation internet
  • democratization and socialization of computing
  • the changing buyer
Customers drive innovation. Innovation networks raise the bar. How do you spread innovation through your company? People play different roles in the network: inventor, transformer, broker, etc.

Next generation IT architecture: SOA, intelligent devices, real time data analysis, continued HW advancement. This affects all aspects of IT.

Next generation internet. 38 million movile Internet users today. Dan just lost his slides. We'll see how well he does. :-) Actually, pretty well. Machines talking to machines, things talking to things. Ubiquitous computing and connectivity. Well, nothing new here. :-)

Social computing. The direct chain of authority doesn't exist anymore. Individuals take cues from one another. Blogs, open source, search, and IM provide the infrastructure. Have to accept the idea of people talking to people and making decisions. There is new power in this movement; you need to learn to use it. This is a new message from Forrester. Not what I've been hearing before. This will be interesting.

Changing buyer. Tech liberates them from place, time and channel. Consumers want control. Actively control presence and channel. 2020 connected, nomadic, persistently, asynchronous, and in control.


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