Tuesday, November 09, 2004

Team workspaces update

We are still having trouble getting our team workspaces pilot off the ground. It's very frustrating that no vendor really embraces our vision of simply enabling non-employee access to the workspaces they need. This shouldn't be a huge deal from a security perspective, but it is for reasons both technical and political. The political issues will almost assuredly be more difficult than the technical, but they can be overcome. I won't bore you all with details, but consider this: the alternative to giving these external folks access to a site is to email them the content. Hmmm. The difference in the risk profile is minimal.

So, we will descope a bit and break the project into phases, focusing on internal teams only at first, but making sure that whatever we do will work with the eventual external access plan. We must show some tangible progress. Meanwhile, we will be working in parallel to resolve the access issues and set the stage for evolving our extranet architecture.


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