Monday, November 22, 2004

The ideal aggregator

Jack Vinson has been ruminating about the perfect aggregator. I like his blog threading points:
  • Thread of related blog posts. This is my current killer feature. I want to see the trail of a post as I am reading: Who else has commented or linked to the post I'm actively reading. Who has linked to that post? Go beyond trackback to find anything in my aggregator that references the post. Maybe this could show additional trackbacks to this article (outside of my current feeds).
  • Even cooler would be some gizmo that showed the conversations even outside the feeds I aggregate, so I could possibly see an originating article and all its "children." This is one of those holy grails that Lilia has discussed for seeing a blog conversation. It also would involve tight integration with a blog search service, such as Technorati.
As for me, I'm still partial to Bloglines. While it doesn't give you the thread, it tells you who has commented on the post you are reading. Offline reading isn't much of an issue for me. I'm normally connected. Jack might want to look at FeedDemon, which uses the Bloglines API to synch with Bloglines, which should give him the best of both worlds.

I'm still looking for a Bloglines-equivalent aggregrator that I can host internally, providing access to internal company feeds. Maybe the FeedDemon/Bloglines combo will provide part of the solution with Bloglines just ignoring the internal feeds. But I'd really like the whole solution.


Blogger Guy said...

bloglines is still unequalled (i try 'em all regularly)

but awasu is worth keeping watch over as well:

2:23 PM  
Blogger Guy said...

Have you tried NetNewsWire on your G5 yet?

2:27 PM  

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