Wednesday, November 17, 2004

Empire gone, encyclopedia following

I emailed the quoted bit below yesterday to some of my co-workers in response to one of them sending me the article in question. I should have blogged it. Tim Bray and David Weinberger did.

Hmmm. This great scholar mocks an entire work by extrapolating from one article. Now that's the sort of impressive research and better than "sophomoric" writing I expect from the Encyclopædia Britannica. So, unlike the esteemed Britannica editor, I will actually point you to more than one reference from which you may draw your conclusions:
Wikipedia tops Britannica on 5 of 6 articles, but Britannica is more consistent. Lots of good comments.
The more political an article may be, the iffier the content
A Wikipedia contributor writes about Wikipedia and accuracy (Okay, I just scanned this one, but I'm still ahead of the Britannica guy.)


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