Monday, November 08, 2004

CSCW - Monday afternoon

I went to the panel discussion on whether CSCW needs organization theory. In a nutshell, CSCW is rather practice oriented and could use a cross-discipline theoretical boost. Borrow from useful looking theory in other disciplines, hypothesize about it's design implications, test, and voila! prescriptive theory for CSCW.

Somebody named Barry in a bright yellow t-shirt over a button down gave the panel some grief for being too focused on small group and co-located technology and not focused enough on the Internet. The SpeakerID application that was discussed in the morning session would have been very useful for getting complete and accurate names! Anyway, I'll have to see if I can track to Barry for a deeper dive into this topic.

This session wasn't as good as the others. Perhaps I should have gone to the evaluation methods session instead. Maybe if my battery hadn't died, I could have listened in or placed a query on the IRC backchannel to figure out if a switch was in order. I'll try to sit next to a plug tomorrow and see if the IRC channels add any value for me.


Blogger Guy said...

would you post those backchannels here please?

10:14 PM  
Blogger jackvinson said...

The yellow t-shirt guy is a researcher from Toronto, if I remember correctly. He had a few interesting things to say at the Large Displays session in the morning. Quick search... He must be Barry Wellman, University of Toronto. He'll be on the Tuesday afternoon panel.

The backchannels are useful, or at least entertaining. At the panel, we were able to share some useful information about the panelists. Then we diverged into meta-discussion about the conference. Then back to the panelists.

The IRC channels are #cscw, #cscwA, #cscwB, #cscwC. The A, B, C are for those sessions. This info is listed on the computing info page for the conference (

10:57 PM  

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