Tuesday, October 05, 2004

Missing the point of RDP

Chad Dickerson completely misses the point of the remote desktop connection client:
If I'm in an office where I can connect to my PC over the network, I'll just use the PC.

There are several interesting assumptions there. One, that there will be a PC in the office. Second, that you'll be able to log in to that PC. Third, that there's no monstrous roaming profile downloading over a slow link waiting for you. Fourth, that any PC will do rather than your PC in particular. Apparently, these aren't problems for Chad.

I travel a fair amount, and for me, the fastest way to get productive on a PC at a company site is to remote into my desktop. As Chad points out, this doesn't help you when you have no connectivity, but an RDP client is a useful tool.

As a caveat, I've never used the Mac RDP client, but in my experience, RDP is RDP. I actually end up using a Linux RDP client more often than anything else.


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