Thursday, October 28, 2004

Check the Basement for Pods

Last month, my family acquired an iPod - I had won it at a tradeshow, but promptly gave it to my nine year old. It's just a toy, right? Wrong.

You may recall my views on sourcing music from the internet though ...

Well, in the space of just 30 days, our esteem of these lil' gadgets has risen to the highest level possible. My eldest daughter uses it to bring homework and photos to/from school. I grab RSS feeds and large spoken word files for long car trips. My wife keeps calendaring and office management stuff on there too. Now it's to the point where sharing is no longer feasible.

(Oh, great gift, Dad! Thanks a lot!)

Hmm, no good. A solution may not wait for the holidays.

All sorts of insanely great software - like iPod Agent - are springing up across the globe over night, like lunar spores sown by an incandescent meteorite.

As in some sci-fi B-movie from the 1950's, these things hold monstrously powerful sway over all terrestrial life forms. I dare say, very soon there'll be one (or an equivalent) for every man, woman and child on earth.


Blogger Guy said...

the sharks sense blood, but apple swims fast (and has excellent sonar!)

9:21 AM  

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