Wednesday, September 01, 2004

Welsh blogging revisited

A while back, Guy made a snarky reference to Welsh blogs. I believe that his somewhat obscure point was that you can find (and post) nearly anything on the web. Although he hadn't found any Welsh blogs, he figured they were coming.

Then, Blogger's email comments feature brought Nic Dafis to my attention:

I make no claims to be particularly scintillating, but I've been blogging in Welsh for years, and I'm not on my own any more.

(I know this is an old post, but I'm Googling for Anglo-Welsh blogs and came across this.)
The web is a wonderful "third place." When you wander a bit (ahem) off topic, it's amazing who might wander in to your neck of the woods.


Blogger Guy said...

Cheers to you, Nic!

PS - and yes, Oldenburg is brilliant, if y'all haven't read TGGP yet, put it on your stack. Then put "Bowling Alone" on top of that one. Next, "Civilization and its Discontents." OK, enough already.

It's a big old world, people; get out there.

9:18 PM  

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