Monday, August 23, 2004

The Up/Downside of RSS Feeds

I'm gradually warming to RSS, though the jury is still out on Blogs in general. One of the more interesting RSS Feeds I've been using is the FARK feed. FARK is a site with links to "interesting" stories on other sites. People then provide their own comments on FARK. What I like about the feed is that each link in the list goes directly to the reference article, as opposed to FARK. Saves me a click and I don't even have to go to the FARK site on a daily basis. Kind of an aggregator within an aggregator.

On the downside, it's a bit challenging to know whether the link goes to a site that is "approved" for viewing from work. FARK goes out of their way to label things as SFW (Safe for Work) or NSFW but I've noticed that even some supposedly safe articles must be published on "unsafe" sites causing them to be blocked. I'm having to be more careful to keep an eye on my OOPS page count.


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