Sunday, August 29, 2004

Spurling will take (re)search to another level

You know me, ever on the hunt for outrageously useful tools. Eric's recent bookmarking post (gee, has it just been 5 minutes?) struck a chord like - 'hey, you've got to be using this now.' It has proven a HUGE organizational and collaborative aid in my work.

Furl was developed first IIRC but spurl is superior because it's designed to accomodate teams, too, not just individuals. There's going to be a dozen more like this soon. For intranet usage, too! (Uh-oh, who's got a flawed trust model ?!)

This is the booster that will take search to the next level. What makes Google indispensible now is not so much their architectural prowess, and management that really walks the talk when it comes to innovation ... No, it's you and me, and the millions of us that use it everyday. We make it and find it, they just serve it.

To employ a political metaphor: it's been polling on a grand scale. But up until now, that grandeur was in numbers alone. Powerful to be sure, but add spurling sites to the mix and it's a qualitative quantum leap forward.


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