Tuesday, August 24, 2004

Reading articles at "controlled" sites...

One of my personal pet peeves is when a site insists that you "register" with them before letting you view an article. I often click links on news sites that lead to other news sites and find I have to sign in or up or something to see the article I wanted to see. I'm not interested in having my movement on their site tracked or my e-mail address spammed even worse, I want to read the article and never come back again.

IIRC, geeks used to set up "default" accounts at some of these early "registration only" sites using the account "cypherpunk" or "cyberpunk" with the same password. I think most of these site now know not to let that account be created or maintained.

Yesterday I discovered Bugmenot (though I can't remember if Eric's mentioned this yet). What a great "collaboration" tool. People have set up bogus accounts for log-ins on these kinds of sites and then provided them to Bugmenot for use by anyone that doesn't want to sign up.

What a neat idea. The site's had to move around a couple of times recently and some of the sign-in sites are trying to find ways to eliminate the bogus accounts, but it sounds like the site operator has every intention of keeping at it. Props to him!


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