Sunday, August 29, 2004

Forrester whiffs on knowledge management

Forrester used to be my favorite research advisory service, by far. But recently, I have been unimpressed, and I'm not alone. David and Guy feel the same way, I know. This article (you have to be a Forrester client to see the details) gets a few things right, but generally misses the mark.

I suspect that the advisory services, much like the CIA, have failed to adapt to the new world order. Much as the CIA relies too much on "old-fashioned" spies, the advisory services rely too much on the old methods of vendor meetings and the like. Neither fully leverages the tremendous amount of freely available public information on the Internet to build a rounded, nuanced view of the world.

Otherwise, how do you miss that knowledge management is bottom up instead of top down? Do they not read Jon Udell talking about tagging and many other lower case semantic web arguments and explorations? Do they not read Clay Shirky? Maybe the fact that they don't mention blogs as a natural knowledge repositories indicates that they don't spend any time with an RSS reader and are therefore clueless.

Of course, all of my suspicions could be wrong. More importantly, though, is that much of what is in the Forrester article is wrong.


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