Thursday, July 08, 2004

At the Eleventh Hour?

Can email as we know it be saved? Can Sender ID become its rescuer?

I don't often spend a lot of cycles combing through IETF pubs, but this one looks quite promising. The right thing, at the (nick of the) right time, looks to be deliverable soon. If it happens, it's thanks to a successful collaboration between some of the best minds trained on the opportunity (notably Meng Wong) and Microsoft, whose potential to turn around calamities of global proportion stands unequalled today.

"This document describes mechanisms by which a domain owner can publish its set of outgoing Message Transfer Agents, by which SMTP servers determine what address is responsible for most proximately introducing a message onto the Internet, and whether that introduction is authorized by the owner of the domain contained in that address.

The specification is carefully tailored to ensure that the overwhelming majority of legitimate emailers, remailers and mailing list operators are already compliant."


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