Sunday, June 06, 2004

Virtual meeting surprise

I was fairly sure going in to our collaboration strategy that one of the top needs that we'd find would be for an enhanced web conferencing capability. But to my surprise, that's not what we found. Even though NetMeeting can be problematic, the general feeling was that it was good enough for now.

The biggest limitation of NetMeeting is its use with external people. As we progressed through the strategy, we discovered that we actually already had a small deal in place with WebEx that addressed just this sort of thing. It's very Dilbert-ish that the collaboration team didn't know anything about the WebEx deal, but that's life in a big corporation.

So, for the time being, our virtual meeting efforts will center around making sure that everyone is aware of the capabilities that we have in the space. After we address the gaps in our capabilities, we will revisit the web conferencing space to look for a better solution.


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