Friday, June 04, 2004

Experiencing the collaborative holes

I was in a multi-day meeting straight off vacation, and in the meeting, I couldn't help but experience the gaps in our collaborative environment.

"Have you all seen this document? It's out on the shared drive." How was I supposed to know it was out there? No one sent me an email, and if they did, it may have been buried in the post-vacation deluge. Wouldn't automatic notification via RSS be really helpful?

Then there was Karen's reaction: "Where? What folder?" There's no reasonable way to discover what's out there so that you could then subscribe to the folder. But if it were a project site instead...

Finally, the consultant said, "When you put it out on the shared drive, will you email me a copy?" Being an "outsider," the consultant has no access to the shared area. Simple, granular remote access would be nice.

We've identified all of these problems already, but there was nothing like experiencing them again outside the realm of our project team. Now we have to start fixing them.


Blogger karen said...

and don't forget about most of the documents out there being out of date or not the latest version...and the fact that I'm on the team but I can't copy a document to the folder. I have to send to Ervin and he posts it for me!! And the fact that some of the information that we need already exists somewhere else - why not just store the link to it from our project area?? so we always have the lasted version...

It definitely pointed out the gaps in our current processes -

9:57 AM  

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