Saturday, June 12, 2004

Back Talk?

I found this piece on Gmail to be good commentary, in and of itself.

Authority mapping! Very cool. We could create a whole 'nother blog on that premise alone.

Separating the metadata from the underlying data it describes has let Google initiate a conversation in which users effectively trade general personal data for access to services derived from the aggregated requests. This scoped contract between users and the cloud sidesteps most privacy and political concerns.

Of course, the data needn't necessarily be personal, in order to work.

But of greater interest - to me at least - check out that innocuous little microphone ... How soon before all our various network interfaces include a headset for talk/playback, de rigeur?


Blogger Eric said...

Good stuff! No wonder Dan calls Steve his older and smarter brother!

As a member of the Gmail beta, I have to say that so far, nothing has raised my concerns. I read over all the privacy stuff. No biggie there. My sample size is too small right now for an authoritative comment, but the targeted advertising doesn't seem all that targeted. Given the brevity and content of some of those emails, good luck says I.

I loved the TiVo bit too. TiVo and Google definitely have similarities.

Seeing as that headset icon just points at a web form, I'd have to say your getting a bit excited and/or pulling our leg again.

7:51 PM  
Blogger Guy said...

Classic bait and switch. So, I spuriously filled out their form and told ZD how hopelessly behind they were falling ;-)

A "momentary novelty" ??

I think not, but we must wait and see ...

10:49 AM  

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