Monday, May 17, 2004

The Virtues of Chitchat - "Plogging" Away

In The Virtues of Chitchat - Making I.T. Work - CIO Magazine May 15,2004, Michael Schrage coins the term "plog" for project log. This is an interesting concept that we've hinted at as we've talked about the fit between team workspaces and project management.

An interesting blog-like project management tool is Basecamp. A very well designed application, it is intended for web design types, but it seems applicable to any project to me.

But, what Schrage is getting at is more informal -- using blogging tools as a project resource. He cites several examples, and discusses some of the potential risks.

None of this should be any news to us, because CollabuTech is really a plog. It's about collaborative technology in general, but the focus, not surprisingly, is on our strategy project. And as we move into pilot and rollout, this site will document those happenings.

One of the potential benefits that Schrage fails to mention is the opportunity for outside input. Maybe no one outside our group will ever find this site or comment on it, but maybe they will. And the insight that they provide may be just what moves us along to a better answer to our own problems.


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