Thursday, May 20, 2004

Penn State bans servers in dorms

This bonehead move gets cited here because of this bit:
Computer science students often learn best through hands-on experimentation and tinkering with technology, and as Jamie Boyle noted in his plenary talk, unplanned experimentation often bears the biggest educational fruit. To paraphrase: "How many times do we learn more from the book next to the book we originally went to find on the shelf, or from the article after the article we looked up in the journal?"

This ties right into the concept of casual interaction being the source of innovation. It's not much of a leap from the cocktail party chatter that provided the impetus for the Black-Scholes option pricing model to mistakes that worked like penicillin and chocolate chip cookies.


Blogger Guy said...

Sure, just take away all our servers ..

"We'll bring this place to it's knees with the sheer force of massed P2P!"

5:27 PM  

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