Monday, May 17, 2004

Microsoft Office and Presence

Have we looked at Microsoft's Live Communications Server 2005 and its integrated presence information with Office (or other such integrations from other companies)? Why not look at the tools that will provide us with additional collaboration features (presence) using an already familiar interface such as Outlook.

We speak of the asynch vs. synch argument but I wonder if pretty soon we may not be able to make such a distinction within applications if the tool(s) are integrated to the point that it doesn't matter.


Blogger Eric said...

Good points, Scott. The integration of notification and presence into what are currently asynchronous tools is one thing that really powers collaboration, making the process more efficient by removing latency.

Maybe our model describes things as they are now, not as they will or should be.

Specifically, LCS is something we are looking at. Outlook integration is nice. Nicer still is integration of all of our tools.

11:29 AM  

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