Saturday, May 22, 2004

iRoom collaborative environment

A group at Stanford has been doing lots of work on interactive rooms. This is way cool. It's a completely different approach than we have taken. Their focus is on designing conferences rooms with electronic enhancements for those in the room, facilitating interaction and information sharing. The design approach they've taken strikes me as being very sound.

Other than using mimio, we've pretty much ignored this approach. And, most of our attention on mimio as been sharing the whiteboard with remote users via NetMeeting and not on its use for capturing brainstorming sessions.

I think we need to leave a placeholder in the strategy for this kind of stuff, even though it isn't a current focus.

Of great interest in the Future Directions section is this tidbit:
we have so far focused on co-located collaboration. Allowing project teams in remotely located interacted workspaces to work with one another is both interesting and useful. The main issues here are how to facilitate coordination between desired applications while insuring that workspace-specific events remain only in the appropriate location. For example, sending an event to turn on all lights should probably remain only in the environment where it was generated. As we extend the work to multiple linked rooms and remote
participants, we will use observations of the work to determine how much additional structure needs to be added. We are driven not by what is technically possible, but what is humanly appropriate.


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