Wednesday, April 28, 2004

The Spoken Word

Swapping music on the internet is so-o-o 2002. There are abundant reasons which bring me to this conclusion, for starters: these activities often hose your PC with backdoor warez, have the potential to land your fanny in the hoosegow, and require frittering away hours and hours for tiny fractions of that time in entertainment value return.

Much more rewarding on the internet (heck, anywhere) is a good conversation. Sometimes that means intently listening to someone more informed, traveled, diverse or perspicacious than ourselves. Other times, it's "enough about you, I really called to talk about me."

For the record, I am a big fan of music, all kinds. And there certainly are a jillion GB of that out there, some of it difficult to acquire through traditional channels and some even (ahem) free. But I suggest, if time is your scarcest resource - and you're anything like the idea vampire that I confess to being - scour the internet for human voices, and populate it with some of your own!

I find those are the gems, the real desert isle material I cannot do without.


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