Thursday, April 22, 2004

Blogs as active résumés

Jon Udell has summarized many of the discussions I've had around reputation systems and the role blogs might play in them in one pithy phrase: "The blog is an active résumé."

This theme is hinted at in Guy's post here on public discussion of concepts: "Expose your deep thinking to peer review, win valuable prizes!"

When you consider all of this in light of my post on focus and passion, you may begin to see where blogs might play a bigger role in corporate computing.

People will discuss and write about what they are passionate about. The more they discuss via blog, the more that they can contribute to whatever they are passionate about. The more that they contribute, the better their active résumé looks, and the more value the corporation receives for their efforts. And if folks are rewarded for doing what they like to do anyway, they'll do even more of it, completing the virtuous circle.


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