Tuesday, April 27, 2004

Bloglines enhances conversations through references

Much like BoingBoing's use of Technorati, Bloglines now includes a reference link to items that refer back to an item in your feed. From the announcement:
If another feed has linked to an item that you're reading, there will be a 'References' link under the item. Clicking on that will bring up a list of all the items from other feeds that have linked to the item you're reading. It's a great way to follow conversations and see different viewpoints.

This is so cool! Even if a site (like this one currently) doesn't provide a means for you to see directly who's commenting on a post, Bloglines does. This automatic, "hands off" feature is clearly a boon to collaboration.

To see references in action, click here to bring up a list of items referencing the Bloglines announcement of references. You should find this item on that list.

It also seems likely that you could use the Bloglines feature in your own site, if you could figure out their itemid numbering scheme.

Of course, this technology doesn't help you much if no one links to your site.


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